Oh god, you thought spiders were terrible. Wait until you get a load of this. Some Russians went on a fishing trip and left their windows down. I mean with lights like this, the mosquitoes were just enjoying a nice disco.

Mosquito 1: There’s nothing but a bunch of dudes in here!
Mosquito 2: You should do what I do and just fly around aimlessly and hope that ‘it’ sticks
Mosquito 3 through 3million: GREAT IDEA!! *bzz, bzz bzzzzzzzzz*

Trust me, I’m a non-certified mosquito interpreter that can identify their very specific buzz. What? Everyone can identify a mosquito by its sound? Drat, I thought I was onto something here.

If this had happened to you, what would you do? It hasn’t even occurred to me and I’ve already doused my car in gasoline and set it ablazse.  Hey, you don’t let this thing have a chance, so removing it pre-emptively is always a good choice. Trust me on this, lol.

Anyhow, get ready to get grossed out on what you are about to witness.