Ok, ok relax… this is easy. Grasp in clutch…. Switch to first gear…. slowly and simultaneously let go of clutch and pull on throttle…… VROOOOOOMMMMMMMSCREEEEAACCHHHHHCRASH……


Thank god for my trusty helmet and gear. I’m still alive – just paralyzed from the waist down :P jk jk. Hopefully that’ll never happen. I’m a huge fan of motorcycles; cruisers and rockets alike. I can go on and on about my love for them but obviously this probably isn’t the best place to talk about it.

Confederate Motorcycles – a company originating in Baton Rouge, Louisiana inspired to preserve the American way of mechanical and engineering ingenuity – has set its sights to design what I think is probably the hottest custom ride you’ll find.

Imaged above (and below) are images of their Hellcat X132 design. Fully custom built with a aggressive sleek design. Check out their site for benchmarks. If I ever win the lottery, you know what I’m gonna be getting. Really wish I could just cruise around on one of these for a few hours.


For the time being, just enjoy the beauty of the design.