Valentines day, Single Awareness day, Forever Alone day, Chocolate and Roses day, lol however you want to call it, today is the day that waaaaaay too many people glorify its existence.


Maybe I’ve grown out of it, but more and more young folks nowadays are freaking out about not getting the appropriate gift for their beloved. First world problems… I swear! Ha! Then there’s the other half of people who are “standing strong celebrating anti V-day….” wait what? Whatever guys, kittens and tissues… just not in combination you perv!

I’m not against V-day and in fact I encourage you to go out there and wish someone happiness in their lives. Let it be family, friends, your dog, your neighbor…. Just that one ounce of recognition of someone’s existence :)


Here kitty kitty kitty :3


Dawhhhhhhh……. how cuuuuuute <3 <3 <3



Too explicit to share what happened in between :P