Up for an adventure?  No? Well too bad! You came here first, lol! What a great way to begin your week other than going to Sammy’s Wild Game Grill… I really wish it were Wild Game & Grill but I’m no business owner… otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing a blog post about someone else’s success…. (cries into the dark damp corner*)

Ahem anyhow I feel better now (lies*). The best way to describe this place is, another hole in the wall burger joint…. but with a twist! They are one of the few places in town that offer delicious varieties of meat selections. From Pheasant, to Elk, to Kangaroo, Emu, Antelope… I wouldn’t be surprised if they have seasonal giraffe meat for sale too. Yes I realize I capitalized those animals… those are their names. Makes eating them that more enjoyable.

Do I really care about the nutritional facts of these things? pfffbbbttt

Snake chili over fries? Oh lordy yes!

Pheasant sausage in a pretzel bun w/ all the fixins you want!


Double Antelope burger was a definite win-win in my book! I had this for lunch. The meat itself has a pork-like consistency and was akin more of like a more textured meatloaf without the ketchup flavoring. The patty looked a lil grey and wasn’t all that appetizing for photo op but don’t let it fool you, it was delicious regardless. It is a fairly lean kind of meat so I shouldn’t expect all that much but pairing it with habanero ketchup, ghost pepper sauce, and a top notch buttered pretzel bun and the best crispy fries you can get, I’d say you have yourself a solid coma-inducing meal.

This Fat Otaku gives this a solid fatman thumb up! I’ve been spoiled with different qualities of burgers so I can definitely say this is not perfect but it sure is pretty damn good. I will definitely revisit this again!