You know how sometimes you get those annoying ads on facebook that invites you to play a “featured” game? I mean… heh who falls for that….. right… >_>



Aherm* well I didn’t “fall” for anything. I took the bull by the horns and downloaded it myself to check it out! It just so happens, I’m a huge sucker for 8bit quality games. There’s a particular charm to them and though the graphics aren’t much to look at, they normally make up quality in gameplay.

If you ever experienced FTL (Faster Than Light) on steam, then you’ll be very familiar with this type of game… except you can fight other players based on how you built your ship. Single player missions can quickly become challenging. Keep in mind that the game is still in development so we can only expect more features in the future.

So far, after the several poop sessions of this game, I give it rating of 4 of 5 toilet paper rolls. As I’ve already long finished pooping and still sitting here playing this game, and am starting to recognize how long I’ve been sitting here. Things are a little slow at the beginning and the difficulty varies. There’s not a whole lot of a learning curve, just some fights requires you to really really think it through.





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