Herro guys :3

Blizzard’s at it once again, this time with two board games we’ve all grown up loving. (You better love it or else I’ma have to give you the asian death glare -_-)


Monopoly®: World of Warcraft® and RISK®: StarCraft®


These games were officially debut on February 12, 2012 at the 109th Toy Fair in New York. I for one gave up on WoW already since burning crusade, nothing personal it just became ridiculously frustrating really fast. Though the nerd side of me really wants to get my grimy hands on this set! Anyone who hasn’t sat through hours of Monopoly need to get up and go play it NAO! If not, I’ma cut you! <– an unfortunate side effect of actually playing Monopoly… just sayin.


Now, what I’m more interested in is the RISK®: StarCraft®… I’m not really been good at that game – I didn’t spend my entire middle school years ogling at girls  :P


Either way, I’m looking forward to their actual release this coming May – You currently can weigh in your vote for game pieces here from those you can see below. The 6 most popular pieces will be in the game. MAKE YOUR VOTE!