American tourists are known throughout the world for adhering to their own customs and completely ignoring everyone else. It could be because for many Americans, we feel we are the best there is and everyone else should learn to be like us.


Who knows? Despite what it may be, one thing is for certain. Traveling and enjoying the culture of another country is a difficult endeavor in its own. To be Japanese, language plays a huge role and not being able to speak it truly prevents you from enjoying what the country has to offer. Or you know, just me trying to talk to my cat as pictured above.

Learning a new language is difficult. Finding the time or giving it the proper practice can be almost impossible for some. Well who cares! Introducing Google Pixel Earbuds!

Unfortunately no cat translator… apparently there’s too many dialects to translate :(


A lil while ago, another popular product was in development. IndieGoGo’s Pilot. But get this, while these two are notably  the larger well known devices, there are actually about 6-7 other devices in development to accomplish the exact same thing. I just happen to be a pretty big Google fanboy so mleh! (thats my attempt to imitate sticking out my tongue)