Xmas Horse

What? It’s not Christmas you say? You don’t know that! It’s Christmas somewhere in this universe right? Right?!

Sorry guys its been awhile since I’ve updated a post last. Let’s see if I can list a few things thats happened since:

Got Fired
Got Hired at new job as scape goat
Survived the Scape Goat and is now a full employee
Met a girl
Flew to meet girl
Married girl
Started new adventures
Survived Texas Flood

Lol…. Tons of things to go talk about and share. If you’re looking for cool things, or dumb things for all I care, come on by! I got plenty to share. Until I get the momentum of coming on more often, I’m gonna promise myself at least 3 articles a week. *crosses fingers*

Well, that’s enough of my excuses so far, let’s get to it!

Don't Think, Just Do