Though I’ve most certainly grown out of my Pop stage, I couldn’t help but take notice of young aspiring artist Kaile Goh. Only at the age of 15, she has a way that makes her music carry a sense of style, spirit, and invigorating sincerity. Her youth only encourages the energy that comes from her songs. According to her facebook, she comments, “It’s pop rock. I dig melodies that stick in your head, but I also love rock music. I wanted to mix both of them together, and that’s how these songs came about. The music is really energetic and catchy, but it still has a degree of danger.”


Honestly, I’d like her to cover a few songs from Coheed and Cambria. I think she’d have an interesting take to it.


I accidentally came across Kaile when filtering around violin artist Paul Dateh – another artist I will be covering soon – in an acoustic arrangement with her feature song “Gold.” Quite the enjoyable energetic piece – worthwhile the listen.


She’s still young just like many youtube artists, I look forward to seeing where her voice carries her talent.



Acoustic version